Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall Cooking

I'm participating in Arkansas Women Bloggers Blogtober Fest who want us to post about Fall cooking today.  I love to cook and I love to bake even more but I've never posted a recipe on this blog before.  It's only fitting that I'm going to link to one that I never make. (Stay with me on this.)

Mid 20th century didn't just give us cool modern furniture, there were food trends.  Chiffon Pies were all the rage.  They are tricky things with egg white meringue folded into whipped cream and gelatin.  Pumpkin Chiffon was the one and only pumpkin pie I ate until I married into a non-chiffon pumpkin custard pie family. (Custard pie is the one on the Libby pumpkin label.)  I tried to convert my new husband and relatives but my attempt at pumpkin chiffon was a flop.  Instead of light, airy and delicious, my pie was kind of lumpy and flat.  I converted to pumpkin custard and have never looked back.  Recently, one of the BL Girls visited with her Grandmother (my Momma) who regaled her with tales of how good and how easy pumpkin chiffon pie was to make.  She promptly went home and made one. 

BLGirls actual pic of her actual pie
Then she posted  (bragged) about it on Facebook for all to see.  I don't know why my Mom told her it  was so easy but failed to teach me how.  If you want to be brave and make one All Recipes has the skinny here. I noticed that Food Network had a Paula Dean recipe called Pumpkin Chiffon Pie that looks like a it takes some serious shortcuts.  It uses melted marshmallows and Cool Whip to replace the egg whites and whipped cream and gelatin. Looks much easier to make. Would Paula Dean ever let us go astray?

Am I the only one that has trouble with prized family recipes? Is there a beloved family dish that you just don't care for?

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