Saturday, November 23, 2013

Cottage Insides

I haven't shown much inside yet but we're making progress. Here's what we saw when I climbed into the house before we bought it.

  Every male I know loved the paneling in the "before" kitchen. We did save a lot of it. It's old pine and has turned a sweet pumpkin color all the way through. May be great for a den wall someday but it wouldn't work for our house. The 2nd picture shows the living room. What the pictures can't show is how it smelled. It was occupied by a crazy cat lady.
With everything ripped to the studs, we could reconfigure. Look at the wood floor in the livingroom. We thought we had hit pay dirt but it was in horrible shape and didn't extend to the kitchen area. Repairs alone would cost more than putting laminate in the whole house.

One of the most exciting days ever was the day we got drywall! Look at the far right of the photo. The little door is the new HVAC. Moving it to this wall means we have an unbroken wall in the kitchen.

 Here's the cabinets and floor. When we put the cabinets in was when I decided I could live here! You can see a few of the "upgrades" we did since we were going to live here and not rent it. We got a microwave/hood and Home Depot took back our white dishwasher and replaced it with a stainless one. It will match my existing fridge and stove that are coming with me to this house.
 If you turn around here is the living room side of this open concept. This is the start of a full wall bookcase. It's 16 feet long and will hold the TV as well as my books. I'm going to have to condense my 30 feet of bookcases down to fit this.

 The other "upgrade" we decided on was granite counter tops. BLHubby and I picked out some tile for the back splash but when I went to get it I got sidetracked to this travertine subway tile. Good think BL Hubby is pretty tolerant of my whims. I don't think you should love anything that can't love you back, so I'm infatuated with these stones.

It's almost to the finish line. I have to seal the tile. We'll get the fridge and stove moved in this weekend. Looks like Dec 1 is move in date!