Friday, September 28, 2012

Thrift Brag!

Confession, when I just want something to do to rest from working, I go find a thrift store.  I always check out the pictures, mostly for frames, but I can't buy any more frames.  I have a frame problem.  Don't look in my craft room closet.  I still look at the art, though.  Yesterday I scored.  I paid a whooping $2.99 for this lovely.

This 8 x 10 oil painting snagged my heart. It had to come home with me.  The frame was trashed.  It even had a tiny bit of termite damage.  I baked the frame in the oven at 225 for a bit just to make sure there wasn't any lingering wildlife then I scrubbed the frame down with rubbing alcohol.  A light coating  of Liquitex Burnt Umber acrylic paint and the wood grain still showed through and the frame looked new again. 

I loved the picture.  This so reminded me of growing up in the west on a ranch.  Most original paintings you find at the thrift are some one's hobby and pretty bad. This is a decent composition and full of my favorite blues and greens.  Is it worth anything?  I don't think so.
It is signed Dick Powell and then has those strange red marks below.  There was Dick Powell who a movie star from the first part of the 1900's.  When I search the Internet I can't find any other Dick Powells doing painting.   I think it's from one of those places where they have Chinese art students crank out thousands of oils and then they sell them in the US at traveling shows located in hotels.  There is a store in Hot Springs, AR near us that sells these, also.  They are original but pretty formulaic.  They're very affordable and they can be good for decoration if you find one you like.  They have bales of canvases in the back and you pick one and they staple it onto a stretcher and pop it into a frame in about a minute.  The canvas, stretchers and frame seem very modern and the red bits in the signage are, I think, the sure give away.  It's hanging in my entry right now.  Happiness.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Star Wars Love

The men I know who are in their 20's and 30's all love Star Wars. They grew up with the videos. My own BL Middlest Boy fell asleep for his nap every day for about 18 months watching rreturn of the Jedi.  He's tried to get his own boy kids to love it with mixed success.  Oldest BL Boy has tried similarly to interest his own offspring.  Maybe they didn't start early enough. They could have hung this Star Wars 6 Ships Baby Mobile over their crib.

Felted Custom Star Wars Mobile
You can request up to 6 Star Wars figures or ships. The contrast between felted wool and Sci-Fi is mind boggling.
via imgfave
 One of the BL Son-in-Laws has said that he would love to name a son Luke, because it would be so cool to say "Luke, I am your father".  That boat may have sailed because his brother already took the name for his own son.  Nobody names their kiddlet Yoda.  By the way, when I searched on Etsy, I found 233 versions of a Yoda hat similar to the one above.
Star Wars Print Set via Print Chicks on Etsy

A wonderful man and good friend of my daughter (married to the above BL SIL) does have twins. You guessed it, named Luke and Leah.  That may be going too far, but the prints above are so geeky graphic that I might gift someone with them.  The Print Chicks have quite a few graphic prints with Star Wars Themes.  Of coarse, for the truly geeky here's the ultimate baby shower gift.
Via Geekling Designs on Etsy
How far do you go to introduce your larva to your favorite childhood movies?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Resuable Halloween

BestLoved Hubby recalls with some envy that his aunt made his younger cousins pj's that doubled as their Halloween costumes.  Aunt Leslie was ever practical, loved to sew and found the double duty costumes very satisfactory.  I went in search of some clothing that could double as a Halloween costume and be used often afterward.
This onesie by Stitch Baby + Kids at Big Cartel is cute for every day (maybe I'd lose the cape) and perfect for the big night.  It's on sale now for $12.
The same shop has a Superman onsie, also. I just think it looks more like Wonder Woman.
Below is a hoody tricked out to double as a bunny costume.  What toddler wouldn't want to wear this all the time?
Bunny Hoody $46
It also comes in gray so pink adverse boys could be bunnies, too. The same Big Cartel Shop has hoodies in Fox, Raccoon, Owl and Deer designs.

Cheeky Dinosaur $155
 This beautifully constructed wool jacket is by Little Goodall.  Molly, from Texas, designs and sews coats for little ones that are truly future heirlooms.  Check out her version of a Wild Grey Wolf Coat.

There are lots of other animals and most are perfect for either boys or girls.

This Etsy shop below, WildthingsDresses, was an Etsy Featured Shop but they had been in my favorites for several months.  Don't you love it when that happens? It makes me feel soooo... in the know.
Little Girls Fox Character Dress $60
This dress makes me wish that the BLGrandaughter who's last name is the same as the dress was still little.  She's firmly a tween and this would be way too babyish.
Mouse Character Dress $60
Check out this Mouse version.  It makes me squeak!  She doesn't neglect the boy kids either.
Brown Bear Boys Dungaree Overall $60
Practical can be beautiful, don't you think?

Friday, September 21, 2012

Inspiration - Jayme McGowan Paper Cuts

I'm in awe of a Sacramento, CA based artist, Jayme McGowan. I found her via Etsy. Her shop is RoadsideProjects.  I'm in love with her work and her blog, Roadside Projects, gives us more.
She creates illustrations by layering cut paper. Her style is vintage and modern and amazing. For her Etsy shop she puts her creations on a theater like stage and photographs the 3D scene to create her prints. 

This little diorama was on her blog.  Love her prints but would really love an original.  She says she is working on a children's book.  She really won my heart with her Pintrest board Anthropomorphic Animals - creatures in clothes. I'm so a follower.  Funny, I have no interest in dressing actual animals in clothing.  I'm even a bit snobbish about it. But give me an imaginary animal and they get a whole wardrobe.  What would Peter Rabbit be without his coat? I could go on.
The Buskars via Etsy 5 x 7 print $15
Check out her Etsy store and blog. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

New in the Shop

I have been working, even with colds, visiting kiddlets and life in general.  I've got two more Arks listed.

This green deck house is a new color way.  I made the roof like the "fancy" thatched roofs you see on old English cottages.  It ended up looking tropical.  I like it.  May do it again.
Here's another orange one.  This time with yellow doors and blue gray roof and some fancy waves.  I love this Blue, yellow and orange combo.  Still loving the Tangerine Tango color of the year.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Halloween Costumes - Pet Versions

OK.  Some families are so in love with Halloween that no family member is left out.  These families must also have a whole lot of energy.  Getting the kids out the door in full costume was usually all I could manage. Check out how some other family members get in the spirit of Halloween.
Dinosaur Costume for Hamster $7
These costumes are made to order so get your order in now for Halloween delivery.  No hamster in the house?  Here's how to get your dog ready for trick or treating.
Cowboy Dog Rider Costume via $19
The dog might even keep it on during the evening. The hamster costume warns you shouldn't keep it on the pet for extended periods of time.  When I searched on Etsy for "Halloween Costume Pet" there are way over 1000 options.  People love to dress their fur babies.
Halloween Cat Dress via paulinesfasions on Etsy
I love how this kitty looks.  Not very happy.  I remember dressing the barn kitties in doll clothes when I was younger.  My parental units discouraged this.  They would remind us that the kitties didn't like to wear clothes. My faves are when you dress the family pet as another kind of animal.
Giraffe Dog via Spoiled Bratzwear on Etsy
One of the BLGirls had a Great Dane that could have been a giraffe. 
Bunny Dog via LupitasChicBotique on Etsy
Maybe the owner really wanted a bunny?  And on the front page of Etsy, the Lion Dog

Lion Dog Costume via KOCouture on Etsy
Do you dress the family pet?

Monday, September 10, 2012

It Takes Attitude!

The "Hobo" costume or variations on that theme are some of my favorite costumes.  I love them for how easy they are. 
via Coolest Homemade Costumes
Old clothes, a "beard" made of either coffee grounds, eyebrow pencil or this looks like pudding. When the BL Kiddlets were in elementary school in SoCal every school had the tradition of the "Halloween Parade".  Kids came to school in their Halloween costume and as part of a class party would parade in and out of each classroom with parents watching from the sidelines. Everyone got to see all the other kids.  Arkansas schools I've been involved with don't celebrate Halloween.  Some in the community feel Halloween is devilish and not just good clean fun.
Not a Hobo, but close. found via Pintrest & IMGFAVE
 We loved the Halloween Parades. The only problem was that there was always a few children that didn't have costumes.  Parents were unable or unwilling to get their child costumed.  As a side note, my youngest two attended a Magnet school, Lyle S. Briggs Fundamental School,which had the highest test scores in San Bernadino County.  Visitors would come to see what they did how they could reproduce it. I always thought that their success had much more to do with the Halloween Parade.  Every single child had a great costume that clearly parents had spent time and often money to make sure their kid didn't miss out.  It was the parent participation that made the grades so high.   Back to the sad uncostumed kids.  At one school, the reading specialist came prepared with plenty of Hobo costumes and coffee grounds for all children without a costume.  She was also dressed as a Hobo and she made the hobo kids part of an extremely fun "Hobo Band".  They had special jobs all done as a group with the teacher.  She made it so much fun that other kids wished they were part of the group. They won one of the costume prizes.  What a treasure of a teacher.  Goes to show it's the attitude that makes all the difference

Friday, September 7, 2012

Put a Tutu On It!

No discussion of costumes would be complete without talking tutus. I loved seeing my brothers girls last summer flouncing around in a tutu and tennis shoes. It's the ultimate girly bit of dressing.   Pick any type of costume, add a tutu and you've got a fancy costume for a girl.
Clown Costume on Pintrest - links broken
I love this little clown costume.  A very pretty clown.  Below is a ghost costume made sweet with a tutu.  You get the onsie and the tutu.

Ghost Tutu Costume by AddieKatShop on Etsy $54.50

This Pin on Pintrest had broken links but the caption suggested that you could add a tutu to any "boy" or superhero costume and Voila! You've got a girly costume.  I love the idea of reusing and passing on costumes. 
Black Adult Tutu by StuidoMerla on Etsy $395.00
A tutu shouldn't be just for little girls.  The one above is for an adult.  A bit spendy, it's marketed for weddings or prom.  I would love to be a witch with this as I pass out candy.  Only worry is that I would end up looking like the fat fairy godmother in Disney's Cinderella.
 A friend's daughter was a dance student and used her recital costume each year for her Halloween costume.  A pretty costume should be reused.

Monday, September 3, 2012

I've Been Featured!

Check out My 365 Magazine.  I've been featured! Issue 8 is all about Etsy and I'm one of the Etsy Sellers Featured.

 Thanks so much to Nadia and Kiki for thinking of me.  I feel like a rock star.  Check out the other Etsy sellers featured.  Great Stuff.  :)