Saturday, April 3, 2010

The temporary Joy of Flowers

A relative (ex-sister-inlaw) once commented that she hated to be given flowers because they were "dead".  I've heard this from others on occasion.  I adore flowers, and yes - they are a short lived pleasure.  So are ballons and ice cream and sunsets.  These beautys are by my front door and greet me each spring.  I sent off of the bulbs some time ago.  They are Salome variety and the attraction is that they are pink.  Do you see any pink?  They open with yellow trumpets and quickly the trumpet fades to cream with a pinkish ruffled border. I've had these for about 10 years and at best the border is peachy salmon.  Some years You would have to call it tan.  I'm learning to love them for what they are and not scold them for not being as pink as the catalog promised.

 This last year I've been going through what I think is usually called "empty nest syndrome".  My nest is really emptying out but Best Loved Youngest is moving back home for the summer.  The lure of free rent and a full fridge has won over the joys of being on his own.  Since I moved my studio into his old room I needed to fix another room for him.  He gets his sisters old room that was my studio.  He did ask if I would paint over the flowered border his sister and I had stenciled when the room was decorated for her.   I recored for posterity me painting primer on the border so I could paint the room for BL Youngest.  I admit to getting misty over it.  The terrific girl that excitedly stenciled with me so she could have "not a cutesy room but a pretty room" has grown to be a terrific woman and a great friend but while I painted out the border I did miss that little girl who had a much too adult sense of humor, a passion for reading and even then didn't tolerate fools gladly.    Seasons change. 

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