Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spring Overhaul

I've finished an overhaul of my Etsy shop.  I've got some great feedback and it seems that price is a barrier for many of my fans. (I have some.  Isn't that the coolest.).  Even though my Arks are priced way below the comptition I feel that the economy dictates I lower my prices a bit.  I've also posted some "Starter Sets" that will allow buyers to start with an ark and four animals and then add more animals over time.  This should make it easier to afford an heirloom quality set.  I also think this will be easier for several people to gift a new baby or a favorite Sunday School teacher or your Best Loved Child with a fabulous set that will be coveted by generations yet unborn. 

I do have some new designs that will be in the shop soon.  Some of the BLOffspring have indicated that they get my prototypes and the product improves when it goes in the shop.  It may be true.  I do tweak things after making it a few times.  In this tradiiton.  My girl in AZ is getting this set for her one and only #7 Birthday.   

Annie's Goldylocks & 3 Bears Set
It's very much a prototype.  I know I'm changing the shape of the house so I won't post pictures until I do the next one.  Happy Birthday sweet girl.

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  1. Annie will be so excited - especially because her Grandma thinks she's 7! It's an easy mistake to make, she's smart and tall. Most people think she's at least 8!

    It looks beautiful - I'm excited to get anything (even a prototype). Love you!