Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Look

If you know me you know that I'm a terminal DIY enthusiast.  I have trouble getting outside help.  Maybe I should seek treatment.  I did my own Etsy shop banner, and my own blog banner and set up.  It got me going but I never was completly happy.  Enter one of the Best Loved SIL's.  Yup, Ashley married an artist who suggested I needed a facelift, graphicly speaking.  When he found that I had proudly created my banners, etc. on my favorite graphics program, PowerPoint, he couldn't stop laughing.  I showed him, I got him to redu me.   I love my new look.  He has a graphic design company, 4 Style Graphics, and he did my new look here and check out my Etsy shop.  If you need graphics for wedding invites, blogs, anything, check out his facebook page.  My favorite is  my new business card.  

I love my little animals all lined up.  

Thanks Drew.


  1. Yea for you! And yea for Drew for helping out! He did a really good job and made your stuff look as amazing as it actually is!

  2. wow it looks GREAT!!!!! hey with all the talented peeps married into the family we've got pretty much everything covered.. now we only need a doctor and a lawyer!!!

  3. Hey, I think that's my kitchen table. This looks great. I do love the business card. Great work, Drew!