Saturday, October 15, 2011

Improvement Needed

My Esty shop has made me learn a lot of new things. I'm still learning to take photographs.  Confession:  I've never been the one that takes pictures.  I've tried, but I'm usually disappointed in the results.  I know what good photos look like and mine usually are just OK.  The BestLovedHubby, though, has always loved photography.  He credits Photography Club for keeping him in High School.  He had dark room equipment when we married.  Several years ago he got me to agree to buy the Sony DSC-P32 camera I'm using now.  When we bought it I thought we had no use for such a fancy (and what I thought then was expensive) camera.  Now I'm the one that thinks the camera is just not adequate. 
Canon G12

I've been lusting over this Canon G12.  After some research and advice from my photographer friends and the BLMiddle Boy (who takes pictures for a living). This seemed to be a good fit for me rather than an entry level SLR.  But, BL Hubbs and BL Middle Boy like to tell me that "it's the photographer, not the camera that makes good pictures".  My baby brother is proving this by producing fabulous pictures with all kinds of out dated film cameras. Since the coveted G12 is out of the budget for a while - I've been trying to improve my Etsy pics with what I've got.

I posted this new Red Riding Hood and the Wolf set with the following pictures:
I didn't think the pictures showed how really cute this set is.  I haven't been getting as many "hits" or "favorites" as I thought it should get and I thought it was the photos.  So, I've been reading my camera manual and everything I could get my hands on about taking shop pictures.  Here's the 2nd set.
I think it shows better.  I want people to see my darling wolf. Am I improving?

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