Monday, January 3, 2011

How Do You Store The Christmas Tree?

We have a BIG, lovely and very fluffy pre-lit artificial Christmas tree that we bought several years ago at Sam's Club.  I still love it but storing it each year has been a bit of a problem.  It came in a humongous cardboard box and we would store it back in the box but the tree once fluffed up didn't fit back into the box with the flaps closed.  The box with tree also weighed two or three  tons.  We could have used a forklift to get it to the storage room or back to the barn.  The box has been disintegrating little by little and this year it dissolved into dust. I've looked for a storage box, tote, bag (or two boxes)  and I've even purchased a couple but the tree doesn't fit into anything. 

Look what BL Hubby came up with for tree storage.  A Bagster Hack!

A Bagster is a huge bag sold at our local Blue as an alternative to a roll off dumpster.  You buy the bag and take it home and fill it up with trash or debris then call the associated trash company for a pick up at an additional fee. Both Orange and Blue have this brand or a similar brand.  We thought it was a genius idea but the expense is more than getting a roll off.  But where else could you get a huge, strong, flexible container?  With handles even?  It was only 29$. 

Tree is now bagged, and hauled off to the barn by the big strong teen aged BLGrands.  Sorry for the fuzziness in pictures.  Success!

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