Friday, February 18, 2011

Where Do Animals Live While They Are Waiting for New Homes?

In a drawer! 

BLHubby brought home this steel blueprint file a while back. Didn't ask if I wanted it - just brought it home cause it was free. His company used to have rooms full of blueprint files, but now all their prints are stored in digital form so the storage systems for blueprints are now dinosaurs.   I thought I might use it for paper or mat board storage but somehow thought about an animal home.  They fit great!  I put some padded non slip drawer liner down so the critters wouldn't roll about and scratch but they stuck to the liner, matter how long they had cured (I had animals with little purple fuzz)!  I wanted the padding so I covered it with paper towels and now they have a safe bed to rest in all dust free and I can easily see what I have or don't have in inventory.   I keep asking him if they any more. 
The work table is full but our little rent house has a new tenant and I'm off to paint walls.  (Why wasn't it already done?  This is the first week the weather warmed up enough to let paint dry!)  Paint is my life.

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