Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Farm Love

We've returned from Kentucky where we visited some of the BL Kids and Kiddlet and enjoyed some time on the prettiest farm in Kentucky. 

Been nursing a mild case of the plague that I brought back but am finally feeling like painting again.   I've got a llama and an awesome anteater that need their pictures taken for the Etsy shop but it's been as gloomy as Seattle here.  Hope for some sun tomorrow or the next day.

I've been wondering why we all love farms, or at least the idea of a farm.  We give our children farm sets to play with and schools love to visit farms.  I think a lot of folks now are looking at rural life as a simple, basic way to live that has a lot of appeal when we get to worrying about The Economy, Afghanistan, Radiation from Japan and the price of gas.  A sweet friend confessed a few weeks ago that she fantasizes about living on a remote farm or ranch where she home schools her kids and grows all her own food.  Only one barrier - her husband and soul mate is a concert violinist.  The chance that you can make a living as a performance musician, like he does, is about the same chance of having your T-ball playing child sign a pitching contract with the Dodgers.  I can't see him fiddling for the cows or doing anything on a ranch that would hurt those hands!  Most of us have practical reasons for not flocking back to the farm but that doesn't stop  us from reading Ree Drummond's adventures, or looking longingly at "For Sale" signs when we travel secondary roads.

I, though, have been inoculated against farm lust.  I grew up on this ranch in Montana. 

Though this is the kind of place that young women want to leave but old women would long to return to - I know first hand how much back breaking work goes into making a living here.  I wouldn't mind a summer home here, though.

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