Friday, March 4, 2011

Inspiration Is Where You Find It

I got to spend most of last week in Southern California tagging along on BLHubby's business trip.  This is the best time of year to visit as the air is clear, the hills are green and everything looks a lot cleaner.  We had great times seeing BLHubby's sis and her husband. We had dinner with a couple that have been some of our oldest friends.  I said I felt like a young mom cause if I was out with John and Susie then I must be running straight home to pay the babysitter.   I stayed a few days with my sister and we did what we do best - thrift shop!  I came home with a great haul.
Four Liberty Blue plates to add to my collection.  I always find these for less on the west coast.  These were $8.50 and $11.00 which is less than I can get on Ebay and no shipping.  The little apple dishes are a new obsession of mine - cheap and now I have 3.
Picture books, of coarse!  Each was $1 or $1.50.  All in beautiful condition. Do you know that in Corona (maybe it's actually Norco) there is a Goodwill bookstore?  Best find was "The Jeremy Mouse Book" by Patricia Scarry (wife of the famous Richard Scarry) and illustrated by Hilary Knight.  Published in 1960's it is a chapter book for small children.  Great for reading a chapter each night at bedtime.

Maybe the best thing I saw I didn't buy, though I did fall in love.  This tattered beauty was awesome!
We saw it at an Antique Mall in Old Town Orange, sorry about the bad cell phone pic.  This sweet zebra rolling/riding toy delighted me.  I don't think it was very old but it had that 1940's feel that I love - and yes, the legs were cardboard tubes over metal.  Love the red reins.  Miss my sis already - next time we need to devote several days to Old Town Orange.

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  1. I love the zebra! Too bad it couldn't come home with you.