Friday, June 3, 2011

Three Little Pigs - And the Wolf

I finished a Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf play set and posted in in the Shop recently. I was amazed that BLHubby had such strong opinions about how the Piggy Brothers should be illustrated.  He thinks I got them wrong, but I'm sticking with my Pig Psychology.  He thinks the first two pigs were lazy no accounts that built with straw and sticks because they were easier.  I don't disagree, but my first pig is in a straw house because he would rather surf. I think he built it on the beach.

The second pig built his house of sticks.  He's very environmentally aware and spends his time fishing, watching birds and reading  Thoreau and Walton.

 The third pig is a builder and built a fine sturdy house of brick because he loves to build quality stuff.

I didn't want the wolf to seem too scary but he is Big and Bad after all.

After I designed and made the set I found a wonderful Golden Book title of The Three Little Pigs.
there have been several Golden Book editions of this title, but this one is from 1973 and is illustrated by ROFry.  I found a few other Golden Books illustrated by him/her? but no information at all about this illustrator.  I wonder if it's a single person or if a combination of in house illustrators?

The colors throughout are subdued but I think this makes mes feel as if I know this landscape. I'm sure I used to know where this brick house was located.

I think I love this edition because of the wolf.  He is so elegant and wicked.  At first he is charming.

Then he becomes a bit discouraged by huffing and puffing,

Then he gets angry.

The picture of the third little pigs after he opens the cooking pot so the Big Bad Wolf falls in and comes to a well deserved end is priceless.
This edition isn't in print anymore and the one I have was printed for Chick-fil-a to give out with kids meals.  That's a great prize with lunch.  How do  you picture the Three Little Pigs?

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