Thursday, August 11, 2011

Design Inspirations - Giddy Giddy

If you want to be inspired to do some art/craft wonderfulness with a kiddlet of your own, I highly recommend the DIY Craft Projects on Giddy Giddy. These are created by a mom of two girls in Northern California who has an amazing shop full of cute felt hair clips, purses, and more.   Cute has a home here!  I'm blown away by the projects she does with her girls that she shows you the process, even the failures.

Here's some things she shows/inspires you to make with kids:

She has pages and pages of equally wonderful stuff.  I think I need to kidnap a BL grand and get to work!  If you have girls, check out her shop.  It makes me want to wear cute hair clips.  I'm awestruck to find someone that if fearless when working with her kids.  She lets them get messy and attempt things that might seem too difficult.  This has to feed confidence as well as creativity. 

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