Friday, August 5, 2011

More Board Books, or, What Baby Will got for Birthday #1

Here's another post from my defunct blog on kiddy lit. The was first posted Feb 2008.
I'm in love with two author/illustrators that are new to me that do books for the very young that are currently in board book editions. My littlest (for now) desendendant turned one yesterday. Since he can't read this blog I can tell all what he got.

The first author I found for Will is Olivier Dunrea. I'm in love with his series for the very young about a group of barnyard goslings. Gossie is where I started. Will also got Ollie and Ollie the Stomper. In simplest form these charming books have drama, conflict and plot. This is literature refined!

I love how kind the goslings are to each other. Toddlers will recognize themselves. Dunrea is so loveable you'll have to also check out his books Gossie and Gertie, Peedie, and BooBoo that continue the gosling theme.

The other author is Mick Inkpen. His books on a little dog, Kipper have been turned into a TV series. Kipper is OK but I've never been over the moon over the books or the series, (I know - I' ve never been a dog person) but Inkpen has done another shorter series around a little pig. I know that Kipper is the TV star, but my heart belongs to Wibbly Pig. Each Wibbly Pig book asks a toddler appropriate question that is sure to stimulate deep thoughts with your little one. I found Wibbly Pig is Happy, in board book format but couldn't find It's Bedtime Wibbly Pig! as a board book. I got it in a larger format hardbound. Several of these books were listed as out of stock by both Amazon and Barnes and Nobel. I'm going to order Wibbly Pig likes Bananas from just because it reminds me when his father loved bannanas as a toddler.

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