Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Secret of the Ages - Revealed

I've made a discovery - all by myself.  I've discovered the best thing in the world for removing paint build-up in my artist brushes. 
It is supposed to be for getting baked on grease off your pots and pans but presto!  It removes the build up of acrylic paint in the base of my paint brushes.  It really gets acrylic sealer out of the brush.  What possessed me to squirt some on a paint brush? Who knows.  I clean up my brushes in the kitchen sink and there it was. . . the rest is destiny. There are some brush cleaners at the art store but they are $10.00 a bottle.  This is $2.95. 

My use of kitchen cleaners for artist brushes probably says a lot about how I had little formal art training but lots of kitchen training.  No blame on anybody. That's just the way it was.

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