Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Reveal

We had the happiest of holidays at the Best Loved House.  The sweetest three year old was very enthused.  We put out reindeer food (rolled oats and a little glitter) and cookies and milk for Santa.  Hung the stocking his daddy had hung as a kid.  His daddy read the Christmas story to him (and to us) using "This Is The Season Beloved of The Year".  This was a great book to use with little ones.  It tells the story with simple words from a Primary song under beautiful pictures by Simon Dewey.  The text from Luke is on the opposite page as well as a brief commentary designed more for adults. You can use what is most appropriate for your family. 

On Christmas morning he was so pleased with his gifts.  I think we could have wrapped up socks and he would have played happily with them.  Santa's gift was this amazing bit of goodness.  Behold, a Jedi in training.

Technology is finally catching up with the movies.  I remember light sabers as flashlights with a translucent, collapsing sleeve that would extend if you "flicked" you light saber.  This one hums, lights up from the handle out like the one in the movies did, and the sound changes if it's touched.

 Much more merriment.  BL BIL arrived with Grandma and niece and nephew.  Big nephew brought his girlfirend and her nephew for dinner so we had 3 little boys 3 - 7, oh, there was a puppy. (Can't leave it home alone on Christmas).  The BIG littles arrived late in the afternoon so we had more presents and visits. 

We loved it all.

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