Sunday, January 15, 2012

Little Golden Books

With some Christmas Amazon Gift Cards I was lucky enough to receive for Christmas, I got a couple of Little Golden Books.   In my search for vintage books I've usually snubbed these books.  They have a lot of Disney, cartoon, Barbie and movie or TV titles that I snobbishly think are dreck.  I've looked a little deeper, though, and rediscovered some classics. These sweet and cheap books have been published since 1942 and many well known and loved artists and authors contributed titles.

"The Poky Little Puppy" was one of their first titles and it's still available.  It, and the other eleven titles sold for just a quarter.  At that time, a child's book usually sold for $2 or $3 which was a luxury many families couldn't afford.  As a child, "The Poky Little Puppy" was part of our life.  My parents would accuse us of being "a poky little puppy" if we weren't prompt. You can still buy this title (they are now $3.99).  I see them at the grocery store, at Wal-Mart and Target.  I don't have a copy, but I did get

"The Bunny Book", by Richard Scarry.  This was first published in 1955.  I don't remember this from when I was a tot but I love the story - everyone in the baby bunny's family speculates on what the little bunny will be when he grows up but what the baby bunny wants to be is a daddy bunny. 

They are still publishing lots of titles (more than 2 billion sold in 2002) and the other title I bought new I think will be a classic, too.

"I'm a Truck" was published in 2006 and I love Bob Staake's graphic illustrations.
 Those are the only ones I've bought new, but I've scored some others thrifting. Here's just a few.

 Some are old, but many are reprinted.  I've got two that were kids prizes from Chick-fil-A in 1996.  (I think that would be a great kids meal treat.)

 I've been wanting "The Little Red Hen" but checking it out on line I've found at least four Little Golden Book editions.  Now I can't decide so I think I'd grab any edition. 

Any one have a favorite "Little Golden Book"?

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