Monday, February 13, 2012

Money Is No Object Monday

I love to search the interwebs for the loveliest children's items I can find. Often, these are so high priced that you have to be Will and Kate's future child or Boynce's baby to ever enjoy them.  I don't usually pine for the super lux, so why the love for high end kids stuff? I've decided not to worry about that but love away and share my lust here on Mondays.  Feast your eyes and soul on this exquisite Pirate Ship Bed.
Why do we love pirates?  We don't really want our kids to grow up to be pirates - at least not the east Africa, south sea types.  But we love, love pretending to be pirates. Maybe it's the Peter Pan connection.
This sweet piece of wood working could easily justify it's $12,400 price tag. He'll ship it for free.
It's made of pine and has full extension drawers underneath for toys. You don't have to put your clothes in the under bed area cause you have -
a full chest of drawers at the end.  Also, a crows nest (or a ship lookout area, thingy - I love pirates but I'm not nautical). This is made by Asa Conant in Rydal, Georga.  His Etsy Shop, shows he's pretty handy with tools.  It needs a better colored room and bedding.  While I'm dreaming, lets fill the barn loft with 3 of them.  What a perfect place for cousins.  They could stay there forever.

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