Monday, April 16, 2012

Money No Object - $800 Million

A couple of weeks ago the Atlanta Grands graced us with their presence and we decided this was a great time to visit our fine state's newest cultural prize - Crystal Bridges Art Museum.
Little Bit's favorite outdoor sculpture.
 There's been lots of controversy and talk about the "Museum the Wal-Mart Built" but after they all spent $800 Million US Dollars the least the Best Loved Household could do was visit, especially since Wal-Mart gave the museum an endowment that made admission free to all.  We found the Museum worth the trip. BLHubby was gaga over the Charles Wilson Peal portrait of George Washington and the Thomas Moran landscapes. I was thrilled to see they had two paintings by Andrew Wyeth

Did the kids get anything out of it?  When asked what they loved the most they all said "The Dinosaur Poop". (This was a large aluminum sculpture that looked like - dinosaur poop, sorry, I didn't remember the artist.)  They did seem to talk about and remember quite a few other exhibits.  That night on the news there was piece about the Museum director being changed and as they saw paintings flash by on the screen, they were saying "I saw that today!" and "I saw that, too".  Culture grows slowly.
The crew, minus the moms of these delightful kids. 

We met our Grands aunt at the museum and she brought her amazing little girl.  They live just 20 min away from the museum. We walked her around in hopes that little F's brother would decide to be born but we're still waiting.  The other great part of the day was that BLHubby wanted to be Grandpa of the year and he and the BLBiggest Grand drove themselves (not enough room in either of our cars for the whole crew so we took two) with the tall kid with a brand new driving permit driving every bit of the way! Grandpa reported that tall kid got quite confident and did very well.  Then tall kid consented to cut his hair.
Now he's way to handsome. 

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  1. What on earth? We just went to Crystal Bridges the Friday before Easter. When were y'all there? We also enjoyed it. Rosebud in particular loved the painting of the Bear Hunt, with the gore and everything. (I know, it's dreadfully incongruous with her adorable cherubic innocence - but she kept wanting to go back to that one! :)