Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Classic Toys - Swings

When I discovered the over the top Money No Object Monday play sets I couldn't help but think of what always was in my back yard growing up - plain old swings.  Yup, that's me above.  I  was introduced early to the joy of swinging back and forth for hours.  I loved it.  Loved it when I was little and loved it even more as I got bigger.  In High School we all met at the swings at lunch. Swings at a High School?  Our school included grades 1 - 12.  Back and forth on the swings was acceptable because we were "hanging out" and visiting as well.  

My favorite swing set was made by my Dad.  He had a lot of two inch iron pipes that came out of a defunct water well on the ranch and he welded them together into a very tall "A" frame that held two basic board swings. We all spent a great deal of time swinging. The only photo I could find of the Best Swing Set Ever is below:
It looks like a pose of my brother in his baseball uniform but look in the back ground - right by the fence.  That slim bit of work was a fantastic swing set and it didn't cost anything but some of Dad's valuable time, a welding rod or two chain to hold the swing seats (which were made of some left overs) and some cement to anchor the set.  You could swing so high that the set would tip over.  It took a couple of tries to get enough weight to anchor it down.  

Any one else have home made swings or play equipment?

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  1. do we have any photo's of the swing set Dad made us in LaMirada? if I remember it was made out of wood rather than metal but w/ the chains and wood seat...