Monday, June 18, 2012

Money No Object - Best Frozen Pop Ever

Yes, I've been off line. In the last eight weeks Best Loved Hubby was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Said cancer was removed. Life is good. Hard to believe this has taken so little time from first diagnosis to recovery.  All pathology showed it had not progressed beyond the prostate and he's doing great.  Scary stuff that is always a lot better when you're looking at it in the rear view mirror.  Very grateful for annual physicals, diligent primary care Dr., top of the field specialist and all the tender mercies we've been blessed with.

In anticipation of a need for easy on the stomach post surgery treats I laid in a good supply of these frozen goodies.
In our California years our favorite summer treat was Big Sticks.  We would get them from the drive in dairy and the BLKids and Parents loved these yummy pops.  Not too sweet and a little tart, but the best part was that they are slushy, not icy. Even better, box of 12 cost only about $2.25.  When we moved to Arkansas we missed our favorite treat.  Every trip to So Cal necessitated a purchase of Big Sticks.   A few years ago we were thrilled to find Big Sticks (they were made by Popsicle) at our local grocery but tragically they were icy and hard, not slushy. Big Sticks became one of those treats that belonged to the past.  Last year we were visiting one of the BL Kids and they could get these Monster Pops from their Wal-Mart and they are a dead ringer for our long lost Big Sticks.  This year, we have them at our Wal-Mart, too.  You can get them in lemon-lime flavor and cherry-mango flavor (which looks just like the cherry-pineapple) but the only true Big Stick flavor is cherry-pineapple.  How much does this wonderful bit of goodness set you back? Less than $2.  Money is no object.

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  1. Oh I hope I can find those at the Walmart here in Bryant!! Yummy!!