Monday, May 21, 2012

Money No Object Handmade Baby Cradle

What do you think about using a special cradle or bassinette for a newborn?  Some think a newborn needs a smaller bed than the standard crib, and a smaller cradle or bassinette can fit beside parents bed or be moved from room to room as needed.  We had a rocking cradle that was passed around the family that my babes slept in before going to a full size crib. The BL Bebes were for the most part, hefty things, and quickly out grew the cradle.  They would wiggle so the bed would tip precariously and we would have to move them to the crib to prevent them from falling out on their heads.  Still, a cradle or bassinette makes me all week in the knees - and wanting a newborn in the family.  Here's a fancy handcrafted one.
Handmade Pilgrim Baby Cradle $1200
Beautiful Interior

This lovelyness is made by a cabnet maker in New York State who works on the 2nd level of a 150 year old barn. Check out his Etsy shop Sunrise Woodworking.  If you love traditional style furniture this would be the ticket.  It would also be worth passing down through a family.


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  3. Do you still make these? Would love to own one, for future grandbabies lol