Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Real Life Halloween Goodies

If you aren't ready for Halloween yet, you're (I'm) running out of time. I'm amazed at how many Halloween activities have already taken place.  A costume can get a big work out these days.
Look at this family costume done by a sweet talented young friend. They are "Swamp People" with little baby Abram as their little alligator catch.  This is so my kind of costume! How? Clever idea but not a huge amount of time or money.  This busy mama is in medical school so you know she needs to study more than do craft projects. They went off to our beloved "Boo At the Zoo". An unexpected joy that comes with having a child is that you have an excuse to do this kind of stuff.  I don't know if the kiddlet cared, but I loved seeing them.

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