Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Zombie Invasion

You don't have to wait until tomorrow for Zombies to invade.  I got to witness an invasion of  small zombies last night.   On arrival, we hit the make up booth.

The Zombie helpers did a great job.  Behold, the Best Loved Zombie:
There were many Zombies, though they were short.  They did have a tall leader. With a bucket on his head.
I'm so sad that I didn't get a good picture of this preschool teacher with his real life Zombiefied baby. What terrible purpose brought these together? They formed lines.
And then, they danced!  (To the tune of "Thriller", what else).
All were satisfied. Especially the adult units associated with the short Zombies. 


  1. So cute! My grandson gets a kick out if pretending to be a zombie. So funny. Thank you for joining the GRAND Social!

  2. Oh what a cute zombie you have -- but very scary! There is not much better than dancing kids! Just stopping by from the GRAND Social. Happy Halloween!

  3. Loving this! Was this a community event? So fun!

    1. Kiddlets preschool had been planning this for weeks. Fun night for kids and family.

  4. This looks fun! I love zombies,

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