Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July

We live in a southern state where anyone of any age can purchase enough explosives to mimic a small war.  We usually don't spend a lot on fireworks. We all have favorites - mine are the big Roman Candles.  The BL Boys love bottle rockets which give you hours of fun for little cash outlay.  Some towns prohibit fireworks but if you  live in the county you can set the world on fire!  We came to Grandma Merry's lake condo for the holiday  (which includes a preschool nephew's birthday) and expected to take the kiddlet and cousin to view one of the municipal, big,  firework displays but were disappointed to find that Hot Springs did their fireworks July 1.  ?  Reminds me of Southern California where they would do Independence Day fireworks at  5am the morning of the big day.  They had fewer problems with huge crowds.

When we took the girls swimming Sunday evening, we discovered that another family was setting up for a huge firework display.  (They had a entire porch stacked several feet deep with flammables.) Grandma's condo is located on one of the prime "points" on Lake Hamilton.  Each unit has nice lake views but the pool is one of the best locations to view the lake and to enjoy a beautiful setting.  The fireworks were being lit just below the pool right on the seawall.  To make it short - we attended!  It was a better show than most commercial events!  The only difference between this show and one you might pay for was the huge starbursts didn't seem to go as high, so it felt like we were in the explosions.  Awesome.  I love living where they let you live dangerously.

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