Saturday, July 30, 2011

Artistic Inspiration - or - What makes my heart beat faster

I've spent last week recovering from travel and grand kiddlet fun.  Sleep isn't a priority when you're visiting family you don't see but once in a blue moon but the aftermath. - a killer.  Also getting the last of the Nativity Scenes finished. Pictures soon.

I'll tell you a secret. I need to feast on others artful creations as much as possible in order to get my creative juices flowing. Thanks to the great almighty web I come across some great images.
Like these cute little bears I found through a fun blog by a English mom living in France.  Aren't we global?  Debora of Kickcan & Conker has so much eye candy.  What is a Conker?  I don't care. 
I just love that she introduced me to these great bear prints.  They are made in France by Zu.  These bears are French, don't you think?  Would any American do a print of a teddy type bear smoking a pipe?  Only the French. I'm in awe of how they use simple shapes to make the cutest images and how they create distinct personalities from essentially the same features.

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