Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dinnerware Just for Kids

Do you have special dishes (cups, bowls, plates) just for the use of the small folks?  I don't mean the old ratty plastic stuff we let the kids use so our "good china" is safe from mayhem.  I mean special, pretty dishware designed just for kids.  There seem to be two kinds of these dishes - kid sized and doll sized.  My faves are the kid sized.  Here's some lovelies you can get that would be wonderful to make dinner special for a kid.

Victorian German child's dish on ebay
I've seen a few similar to this one below.  This one is from the 1940's.  It's double walled and you fill it with hot water so baby's food stays warm during a feeding.  These must have been used by moms and not just displayed.
1940's Warming Divided Dish on ebay

More modern sets usually have a cup, plate and bowl so you can serve any meal.  Lenox has some cute ones like this Teddy Bear set.
Lenox Childrens Teddy Bears on ebay
What I like the most about Lenox's Teddy Bears is that the mug has a bear on the bottom of the inside.  It's a little reward for drinking all your milk.
 Lenox Teddy Bear Mug on ebay

Wouldn't it be fun to use something like this?

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