Monday, March 12, 2012

Money No Object Swing Sets - Cedarworks Play Sets

I found this website and pinned my favorite on Pintrest and my "hits" blew up.  Lots of us adore the idea of having this in our back yard.
Serendipity play set by CedarWorks
This is by a company called CedarWorks.  They have lots of outdoor and indoor fantastical creations that beg for a gaggle of kiddlets to invade them.
This version is even bigger.  The concept is that they are modular and you can pick the units and then add them together for you own specialized unit.  I sent for the catalog and they emailed me a price list.  It looks like this Serendipity line starts at about $11,000 and can run up to over $44,000. They do have a bargain line that starts at around $1,000. That doesn't include shipping - and some assembly is required.  They have some great customer stories.  Families that watched their children grow up on their set and then passed it on to others.

My Uncle John described putting up a big play set a few years ago at his Wisconsin home as "the set the kids would have liked but the one the grandkids got."  If money were no object I would so get one of these - but my practical soul says I should donate it to a school.  These were made to be played on by a crowd.

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