Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sister Dresses

I remember being about 6 years old and going off to the Utah State Fair one summer day dressed in a red calico print dress with short sleeves, full skirt and rick rack trim.  It was identical to the dresses worn by my two little sisters.  Sister dresses!  I think my parents thought it was a bit kitchy at the time but that didn't stop them.  I remember a comment my Dad made about how it would be hard to lose us.  I can't believe they didn't get a photo of the event. 
Evidence that matching sister dresses at the fair aren't the worst thing that can happen
I've been guilty of indulging in dressing my oldest daughters alike when they were small.  Usually I would sew different outfits out of the same fabric. The girls were only 14 1/2 months apart in age (I know) so they were "almost twins".   I loved this summer garb I made for them. 

I wasn't the only one that couldn't resist.  They were gifted often with Sister Outfits by grandparents and other doting relatives.  Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your outlook, the first born BestLovedDaughter developed a strong self identity early in life.  She was only three and I had made matching pajamas for her and her sister that were opened Christmas Eve.  The object was to have cute, cute Christmas morn pictures.  First Born BLD kept removing her pretty pj's and donning a thrift store nighty she bought herself for a quarter at the thrift shop around the corner from Nanny's house.  When she was asleep I dressed her in the new pj's and. . ta da. .  she was wearing the thrift store nighty when we filed into the living room to see what Santa had brought.  They never wore Sister Outfits again.

Fast forward a generation. One of the BestLoved Grandaughters got a baby sister a few weeks before Christmas.  Big sis was seven and was so excited to have a sibling and even more excited that the baby was a sister.  She really wanted Sister Dresses for Christmas.  Go figure. I guess 7 years of individuality were enough. 

 It's pretty hard to do matching outfits for a babe in preme sizes and one that is almost as tall as I am.  After Christmas I did come up with these dresses.
Mom reported that they wore them for Easter. Tiny sister grew big enough to wear her matchy matchy Sister Dress.  Tall Girl got her wish - A Sister Dress.   Maybe I should have made a  grown up one for Mom as well?

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  1. Mom would take a pretty skirt made out of a couple of the materials. They get rave reviews at church everytime they wear them. Thanks again!