Sunday, December 2, 2012

Late Thanksgiving Recap

We traveled over the rivers and through a lot of woods to the greater Atlanta area to share Thanksgiving with a branch of the BestLoved family that relocated there this year. Haven't been to that area of the country for a decade or so since the BL Son-in-law graduated from UGA. We were joined by one of the BL son's and his kiddlet for turkey, pie and lots and lots of carbonated juice drinks. 
Mom with Friend
Hubbys Mom went with us. She's fun to travel with and a great sport. We did get to check out the emergency room Thanksgiving morning (Mom had a bad cold that got better then much worse and we were worried about pneumonia but all was well.) What's a family get together without a trip to the emergency room?
The "Bigs" and the "Littles"
Mostly loving spending time with these rug rats. "The Bigs" are getting so big - in shoe size (can you say 15's!), height (6 feet and growing) and maturity.  B, our oldest BLGrand is actively making plans to "get out of here" as he says, and college, mission, life are in spitting distance.

The "Littles" were pure fun. I have to brag about our girl, K.  She's newly 10 and quite the kiddlet. She was so sweet to her 4 year old cousin. She spent LOTS of time with him doing things he would like and she never complained.

 In fact, she was the one planning things for him to do.  I found her making him booklets to color in, playing computer games he liked and generally looking after him.  Her mom says she is a natural organizer and general caretaker. A few weeks ago their childless neighbors had a death in the family and lots of family visitation with quite a few children. Miss K had organized games in the back yard for them and was keeping everyone happy.  She does it without being bossy.  I don't know how.  I think we should elect her to congress right away. She would have everyone in line and loving it. Proud of her.

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