Monday, December 17, 2012

Arkansas Women Bloggers Secret Santa Reveal

ArkansasWomen Bloggers is a group that I've been participating in. It's been fun to network with other bloggers, of all kinds, that are near by. They sponsored a Secret Santa Handmade Ornament Exchange that has been a load of fun - mostly cause I've got to know a couple of members a bit better.  I was supposed to send a handmade ornament to my fellow blogger, Gina of Desperately Seeking Gina.  She got a Christmasy Dressed version of my Noah's ark Moose. Check them out here.
But check out my loot!

This lovely box of goodness came from Esmee Lynn of Plaid Pages.   My Friends and family know the sad truth that I can make beautiful stuff but my packaging is a bit limited.  This was a party in a box! 
The actual ornament is sooo pretty and unusual.  It looks like she Modg Podged lightweight paper or tissue onto a blank ornament and then added sparkly sequins, beads and a perfect tassel!  I would do a whole tree in these.  Esmee has a Etsy Shop full of vintage goodies that I could have selected. I think we must be twins, or long lost cousins. (She's Scottish  - so am I :) ).  She said she would blog about how she made these so check her out.  I think these could be adapted so many ways and though they look fragile they are pretty tough and kid proof - something I still love.  Big hugs and thanks to her. This will live happily on  my tree.

Just for brags, here are my moose. Yeah, I had the idea to get some of these in the shop before Christmas but life interfered.  I don't know why a moose says "Christmas" to me but it does. If I had a tame moose I would so dress it up for the holidays.


  1. Wow! I am so impressed. That's a beautiful boxload of pretties. It's fun checking out all of the blogs. Happy Holidays.

  2. Getting a box of goodies is the best, isn't it? Thank you for the lovely moose ornaments! They have a happy home.

    Hoping you enjoy the holiday!