Thursday, December 13, 2012

Koala Changes For the Better

I'm always amazed at how my creative process works. (That sounds a bit weird and pretentious, but stay with me.) Over the time I've been making Noah's Arks and the animals, the designs have evolved and changed. Most changes have come when I have a slap your head and wonder why I didn't do this before moment.  I make the smaller animals out of a solid piece of wood but larger ones are made of at least two wood layers so that I get a realistic look. The layered animals take a lot more wood and work so they are priced a bit more.  The relative size of the animal has made the difference in which category or size they fall, but the Koalas have been a three layer animal even though they are smaller. 
You can easily see the three layers above. Standard 1" wood (which is less than 1" thick) seemed a bit thin for a chubby koala so I thought I had to layer them.  BLHubby presented me with some two by fours (romantic, huh) and the "slap your head" moment occurred. I ran a length through the planer and after cutting used my dremel to shape the ears, face and front legs.
I think they are nicer than before. More round and cuddly. And, they take less steps to make so they have been changed from the "Large 3D animal section" to the "small Animal" section and priced less.

I'm in love with them. Change is good. I just wish I could figure out things sooner.

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