Monday, February 11, 2013

Can Do Cottage, 2nd Installment

Since we got our Sanitary Certificate, we haven't been idle. For a move on house, you pour concrete footings, then move the house on over them, build a cement block foundation and then lower the house onto the foundation.  Oh, but first, we bought the house. We had verbally agreed to purchase the house. The owner/house  mover had checked out our lot and confirmed that it was possible to move the house on. (Not every lot is feasible.) Once we got our "go ahead" from the county we could then sign a contract.  We're paying $14,000 for the house, set on a foundation (which we will supply). For now we pay only $5000 deposit. The rest will be paid when the house is delivered and we hold the large amount of iron holding the house up hostage until the house is installed and leveled on it's foundation. If you're confused, follow along and you'll see.
The house mover, sent us a detailed "footprint" of the house. We had also measured it and drew it out on graph paper. This helps us to know the exact dimensions of the foundation.  Everyone met at the lot and the foundation contractors measured and strung line between posts (look close) so they had the exact position of the outline of the house and the interior piers that will hold up the interior.
They came the next day with this cute little Bobcat and dug neat straight trenches right where the foundation will go. In our climate (no frozen ground) 18 inches is deep enough for footings.
The trenches get filled with a crosshatch of steel re-bar. This keeps the concrete all together and strong.
They smoothed out the dug out dirt and called it a day. Next day, concrete!

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