Friday, February 1, 2013

The Can Do Cottage

The Best Loved Household has been busy. Not only do I have a bunch of stuff on the work table but BL Hubby and I bought a house! Look, isn't she cute. 

Not so much? She will be. This little 2 bedroom 1 bath bungalow was on the campus of a church where it may at one time have been a minister's house. The church wanted to expand so it was moved and is now going to go on our property.  Before we could finalize the sale and get it moved, there is a whole lot of stuff that has to happen.
Why? We've saved a bit of our income regularly for the last 22 years and as we look at retirement (we still have some time) the money we've saved is making nothing sitting in our retirement account. We don't have the stomach for anything that will risk our principal any MIGHT make a little more. We have one rental/investment property that makes about 5% on investment (that's conservative) so we really want to put our retirement money into more rental units.  Last year we bought a piece of property and had located a house to move onto it, but, BL Hubs had some surgery and we waited. Now he found this little cutie and we're ready to get to it!  I'm going to keep track on the blog of everything we're doing. Check in next for all the hilarity. 

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