Monday, March 11, 2013

Money No Object Monday - Band Geek Edition

I guess I'm guilty of being a Band Geek/Nerd/Whatever. I was in band years ago (oboe and percussion). We didn't march much but we were a mean pep band at Basketball games. Four of the six BLKids were Band Geeks. We did put an instrument in the hands of the other two but it didn't stick as well. When we moved to Arkansas with the two last band members we learned what it really meant to be part of a Marching Band. The Yellowjacket Marching Band won awards for their field show. Maybe it's a small town thing, or we were special, but the whole town loved the band. In Southern California, where our oldest girls were in band, at the half time of a football game there was a set amount of minutes that the band could be on filed. If they weren't completely clear of the field by the given time the team would be penalized, severely. In Arkansas, the band did it's complete show, and then the opposing team's band would perform. If the other team failed to bring their band the crowd would be disappointed. The BLMiddleboykid even carried on with band in college. (Our school loved to say that a student would be 50 times more likely to get a scholarship for band than for any sport.)  We continued our tradition of going to a football game to watch the band. There must be someone else that loves the band, maybe more than the team.  The Etsy Shop, Little Band Man, makes tiny marching bands.
LSU Miniature Marching Band $395
This little band set is made in the same tradition as the little metal or "tin" soldiers that were popular toys for boys a century of more ago and are now fine collectibles.  They are 1:32 scale, which makes the figures about 2 1/2 inches tall. He only sells them as sets, not individually. You get a Drum Major, two "Golden Girls" (LSU's dance team), two Flag Line girls and 12 musicians, each molded and painted in detail.  Not a LSU fan?

He has NotreDame's band and Texas A&M, all for the same price.
Each rendered to be true to the uniforms and type of Drum Major and instruments used.  I wonder if he would make other college bands?  I'd love to have the "Power of the Wasatch" in miniature. I can see how soldiers wouldn't be as popular now but a little band, genius. OK, so this may be more for grownups than kids, but it shouldn't be.

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