Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Signs of Spring

It's been a long gloomy winter but there are some sure signs of spring. This little guy was given full access to pick the daffodils.
He was dressed for the occasion. A real boy needs a coon skin hat while picking daffys.  (He is from Kentucky).
The bucket was his own invention. A great holder of flowers. Yes, the grandmas put them in vases just cause he got them for us.  If that isn't proof enough of spring in the air-

Found this little mommy in the parking lot at the BLHubbs place of industry. I'm reluctant to say that I felt compelled to look up what kind of birdy she was. Why would I be reluctant? Two of my darling sisters are "birders". Hard core birders. Like, keep life lists and travel to different continents to see more birds kind of birders. Me, never so much. But, I have been gifted with the "Field Guide to the Birds of North America" just in case I should be tempted to "bird".
S & J would be proud to know that I know this little bird is a Killdeer. She's a little south of what the Field Guide says her nesting area is but not by much. I'm a little sad that she chose to nest so close to the cars (I could have hit her nest with my car door) but it was a treat to see her and her pretty, camo eggs.


  1. Clicked over here from ARWB, to say thank you for the kind words for Planting Dandelions! Warmest wishes--Kyran

  2. So sweet! Your girls look so pretty and that toddler dresses is awesome. :)