Monday, March 4, 2013

Money No Object Monday - Tree House Edition

It's been a while since I posted objects that I would love to own, or give, but would need to win the lottery to do so. There are a bunch of wonderful playhouses out on the great wide web but look at this.
Tree House/Play Structure by Tiny Town Studios $4650
A tree house where the tree is crafted of sculpted concrete. You don't need a real tree. It's hollow and the entry to the tree house is through the base. You climb to the shack through a stair inside. This makes me think I'm in a movie set.
Made by Tiny Town Studios who've been active on Etsy since just before Christmas. They are Houston based and will set these up anywhere within 150 miles of Houston without extra shipping charges. Beyond that area they will deliver for fuel charges only.

They have Pintrest Boards showing some highly imaginative home and commercial installations.  Their tag line is "the goal is to capture the imagination and ignite the heart".  I love the shaped and carved concrete.

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