Monday, April 4, 2011

More Kids Decor

We do love to decorate a room or space for our kids.  I love this embroidered pillow from Coral and Tusk. 
Hungry Hungry Hippo Pillow

The Hippo has swallowed an alligator, which has swallowed a fruit bat that has a pear in it.  They have another version-

Hungry Whale
This is  a whale that has swallowed a shark that swallowed a peg legged sailor who swallowed a crab that grabbed a fish. 

These delight me even though they aren't very colorful or vivid like I usually adore.  You have to get close and examine them to get the joke.  The Whale seems a bit gruesome - maybe because one of the eaten is a human.  I can see this idea carried out further.  Lets see, a Child eats a shark that has eaten a surfer who's eaten shrimp. . .   Wolf eats Grandma who has eaten cookies. . .   Do you think this is funny or tasteless?


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  2. I rather like these cushion designs. They certainly grab your attention, don't they? I guess we should be glad that none of the animals are dismembered in any way. They look quite cosy in each other's tummies, don't they?!!

    I LOVE your blog. I am definitely your newest follower. Thank you ever so much for linking up....I really hope your lurking days are over!