Thursday, April 7, 2011

What Are They Thinking? Or Fashion vrs Function

It's that time of year when I start to think of sewing stuff of the red headed Best Loved Kiddlet.  Her birthday is coming soon.  My two BL Baby Granddaughters still let Grandma sew for them which is the reason to have girls.  It's serendipity that the Arizona baby's birthday is in spring and she gets light summer clothes and the New England baby's birthday is in November as she needs little summer clothing but most of the year needs to be swaddled in warmth to stay alive. In deciding on what to sew I found this Simplicity Pattern that I could make several pieces from.
I loved this.  Looked cute and was cool and light with a little sleeve - which I like to see.  Do you see the problem?  If she wears the romper, how will she go to the bathroom herself?  The tie is the back is cute - but- I don't think our first grader could untie and then retie it herself and if  you've ever worn a jumpsuit, romper type garment you know that the only way to "use the facilities" is to take down the romper to your knees - nearly disrobing.  I'm not sure I could do this up again without help.  WHAT ARE DESIGNERS THINKING?  We don't send our girls to school with a ladies maid, and the teacher/play group mom/Mom would not be happy to have to assist. 

I love pretty, stylish clothes for kids but clothes, like any other design, need to FUNCTION.  More than just practical, I think it speaks fundamentally to the child about independence, confidence and self worth.

I won't be doing the romper (but may make it into pants and a top).  Have you seen other design goofs for kids?


  1. I agree!! A one piece romper should only be used for infants and smallish toddlers whose mother's still dress them and wipe their bums. Is there a way to make it so it ties in front? I love, love, love the dress, though. Redhead would love it, too!

  2. agree w/ dress love love love it!!.. and romper only issue i'd have with making romper into parts is top would be very cropped espically for our unusually long torsoed girlie's, I seem to be all about the modesty lately!..