Thursday, March 29, 2012

Design Inspiration - Elizabeth Orton Jones

I just acquired this little treasure.
Another Little Golden Book, it's illustrated by one of my favorite authors, Elizabeth Orton Jones.  Jones was born in 1910 and died in 2005.  She made her home in Mason, NH for much of her life and wrote/illustrated several children's books.  I love her style.  I think her art work is somewhat like Jessie Wilcox Smith, who illustrated a generation earlier.  I had to have this sweet version of Little Red.

I have a couple of her other works.  My favorite that she illustrated is "Prayer for a Child", written by Rachel Field. This won the Caldecott award in 1945 and was a part of my childhood in the 1950's.
 When I saw the new gift version that was published a few years ago I had to have it. I have such fond memories of my parents and my Grandma Helen reading this to me.  The pictures are beautiful and I related to them so much.  I looked just like the little blonde girl, and this picture could have been me, my brother and our baby sister.
"Bless my friends and family"
I wish that all children had books that reflected them and their life.  I know that there has been a lack of multicultural images in children's publishing.  When I was read this by my Grandma she would comment about certain pages.
"Bless the hands that never tire in their loving care of me"

On this page she always said "and your mommy and daddy are so good to you".
"Bless other children, far and near and keep them safe and free from fear"
Jones art work on this page of beautiful children from all over the world was my first clue that there was a much bigger world out there and that it was full of children that were just as valuable as I was.
 She also used images of painted wooden figures throughout the book.  I really wanted some of these wooden angels.
Back to Little Red.  Can you not adore this illustration of Little Red getting ready?  Do you have any books that were significant to your childhood?

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