Friday, March 9, 2012

Whitman 5 cent Books

When I returned from the west last weekend I came home to a wonderful package full of little beauties. Here's just one.  The graphics and art make me giddy.
 Western Printing and Lithographing Company of Racine, Wisconsin was the company that partnered with Simon and Schuster to publish Little Golden Books starting in 1949.  Long before that happy marriage, Western Printing had purchased Hammerung-Whitman Publishing Company (in 1915).  Western called the new enity "Whitman Publishing".  They had a long history of publishing 100's of cheap, colorful books, games and coloring books.  I came on this lot of little paper books that were published in 1949 - 1953.  I had never seen these before but now have found a couple more titles in the same format. They are marked 5cents.  Little Golden Books were 25 cents at the same time so these were super cheap.  These are almost "booklets" - only 10 pages 4" x 8".  Really they are just 3 pieces of paper put together and stapled down the center.  Each little book has a shaped edge.

This one is a short tale all in rhyme about how nice Jenny is:
There aren't very many, who don't talk with Jenny 
Whether they live up or down
For Jenny Giraffe
Has more friends by half
Than anyone else in town!

 I love how Jenny has a fancy and versatile wardrobe.
Pink flower hat with black netting and pink scarf

Yellow Hat, flower necklace
My copy has written on the front in the most beautiful writing that looks like it was written by a fountain pen To Gene 
Best Boy in New Jersey. 
I hope Gene is still the Best Boy

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