Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Money No Object Monday - Tuesday Edition

Traveling yesterday, good visit with family but no internet access.  Have you seen "Mother's" jewelery?  Usually a ring with the birthstone of each child.  I've never been a fan.  Maybe because the six BL Kids birthstones look a little wonky together.  I might go for this kind of jewelry keepsake from Etsy artist Mia Van Beek:
Gold Charm made from child's art

It's almost $700 to have a gold charm made, but how about silver?
Silver Pin $159 - $199
 She shows a bracelet made of several charms.  One for each kid or grandchild or a bunch of artwork for one child.
A Mothers Charm Bracelet
I'm so sad I don't have artwork saved for each of my babes. 

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  1. this is one of those things that when I see it I think "I bet Mom could make that!"... i'm not a saver of art work either... it must be genetic!