Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Halloween Costumes - Pet Versions

OK.  Some families are so in love with Halloween that no family member is left out.  These families must also have a whole lot of energy.  Getting the kids out the door in full costume was usually all I could manage. Check out how some other family members get in the spirit of Halloween.
Dinosaur Costume for Hamster $7
These costumes are made to order so get your order in now for Halloween delivery.  No hamster in the house?  Here's how to get your dog ready for trick or treating.
Cowboy Dog Rider Costume via $19
The dog might even keep it on during the evening. The hamster costume warns you shouldn't keep it on the pet for extended periods of time.  When I searched on Etsy for "Halloween Costume Pet" there are way over 1000 options.  People love to dress their fur babies.
Halloween Cat Dress via paulinesfasions on Etsy
I love how this kitty looks.  Not very happy.  I remember dressing the barn kitties in doll clothes when I was younger.  My parental units discouraged this.  They would remind us that the kitties didn't like to wear clothes. My faves are when you dress the family pet as another kind of animal.
Giraffe Dog via Spoiled Bratzwear on Etsy
One of the BLGirls had a Great Dane that could have been a giraffe. 
Bunny Dog via LupitasChicBotique on Etsy
Maybe the owner really wanted a bunny?  And on the front page of Etsy, the Lion Dog

Lion Dog Costume via KOCouture on Etsy
Do you dress the family pet?

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