Monday, September 10, 2012

It Takes Attitude!

The "Hobo" costume or variations on that theme are some of my favorite costumes.  I love them for how easy they are. 
via Coolest Homemade Costumes
Old clothes, a "beard" made of either coffee grounds, eyebrow pencil or this looks like pudding. When the BL Kiddlets were in elementary school in SoCal every school had the tradition of the "Halloween Parade".  Kids came to school in their Halloween costume and as part of a class party would parade in and out of each classroom with parents watching from the sidelines. Everyone got to see all the other kids.  Arkansas schools I've been involved with don't celebrate Halloween.  Some in the community feel Halloween is devilish and not just good clean fun.
Not a Hobo, but close. found via Pintrest & IMGFAVE
 We loved the Halloween Parades. The only problem was that there was always a few children that didn't have costumes.  Parents were unable or unwilling to get their child costumed.  As a side note, my youngest two attended a Magnet school, Lyle S. Briggs Fundamental School,which had the highest test scores in San Bernadino County.  Visitors would come to see what they did how they could reproduce it. I always thought that their success had much more to do with the Halloween Parade.  Every single child had a great costume that clearly parents had spent time and often money to make sure their kid didn't miss out.  It was the parent participation that made the grades so high.   Back to the sad uncostumed kids.  At one school, the reading specialist came prepared with plenty of Hobo costumes and coffee grounds for all children without a costume.  She was also dressed as a Hobo and she made the hobo kids part of an extremely fun "Hobo Band".  They had special jobs all done as a group with the teacher.  She made it so much fun that other kids wished they were part of the group. They won one of the costume prizes.  What a treasure of a teacher.  Goes to show it's the attitude that makes all the difference

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