Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Resuable Halloween

BestLoved Hubby recalls with some envy that his aunt made his younger cousins pj's that doubled as their Halloween costumes.  Aunt Leslie was ever practical, loved to sew and found the double duty costumes very satisfactory.  I went in search of some clothing that could double as a Halloween costume and be used often afterward.
This onesie by Stitch Baby + Kids at Big Cartel is cute for every day (maybe I'd lose the cape) and perfect for the big night.  It's on sale now for $12.
The same shop has a Superman onsie, also. I just think it looks more like Wonder Woman.
Below is a hoody tricked out to double as a bunny costume.  What toddler wouldn't want to wear this all the time?
Bunny Hoody $46
It also comes in gray so pink adverse boys could be bunnies, too. The same Big Cartel Shop has hoodies in Fox, Raccoon, Owl and Deer designs.

Cheeky Dinosaur $155
 This beautifully constructed wool jacket is by Little Goodall.  Molly, from Texas, designs and sews coats for little ones that are truly future heirlooms.  Check out her version of a Wild Grey Wolf Coat.

There are lots of other animals and most are perfect for either boys or girls.

This Etsy shop below, WildthingsDresses, was an Etsy Featured Shop but they had been in my favorites for several months.  Don't you love it when that happens? It makes me feel soooo... in the know.
Little Girls Fox Character Dress $60
This dress makes me wish that the BLGrandaughter who's last name is the same as the dress was still little.  She's firmly a tween and this would be way too babyish.
Mouse Character Dress $60
Check out this Mouse version.  It makes me squeak!  She doesn't neglect the boy kids either.
Brown Bear Boys Dungaree Overall $60
Practical can be beautiful, don't you think?

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