Friday, September 21, 2012

Inspiration - Jayme McGowan Paper Cuts

I'm in awe of a Sacramento, CA based artist, Jayme McGowan. I found her via Etsy. Her shop is RoadsideProjects.  I'm in love with her work and her blog, Roadside Projects, gives us more.
She creates illustrations by layering cut paper. Her style is vintage and modern and amazing. For her Etsy shop she puts her creations on a theater like stage and photographs the 3D scene to create her prints. 

This little diorama was on her blog.  Love her prints but would really love an original.  She says she is working on a children's book.  She really won my heart with her Pintrest board Anthropomorphic Animals - creatures in clothes. I'm so a follower.  Funny, I have no interest in dressing actual animals in clothing.  I'm even a bit snobbish about it. But give me an imaginary animal and they get a whole wardrobe.  What would Peter Rabbit be without his coat? I could go on.
The Buskars via Etsy 5 x 7 print $15
Check out her Etsy store and blog. 

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