Thursday, September 27, 2012

Star Wars Love

The men I know who are in their 20's and 30's all love Star Wars. They grew up with the videos. My own BL Middlest Boy fell asleep for his nap every day for about 18 months watching rreturn of the Jedi.  He's tried to get his own boy kids to love it with mixed success.  Oldest BL Boy has tried similarly to interest his own offspring.  Maybe they didn't start early enough. They could have hung this Star Wars 6 Ships Baby Mobile over their crib.

Felted Custom Star Wars Mobile
You can request up to 6 Star Wars figures or ships. The contrast between felted wool and Sci-Fi is mind boggling.
via imgfave
 One of the BL Son-in-Laws has said that he would love to name a son Luke, because it would be so cool to say "Luke, I am your father".  That boat may have sailed because his brother already took the name for his own son.  Nobody names their kiddlet Yoda.  By the way, when I searched on Etsy, I found 233 versions of a Yoda hat similar to the one above.
Star Wars Print Set via Print Chicks on Etsy

A wonderful man and good friend of my daughter (married to the above BL SIL) does have twins. You guessed it, named Luke and Leah.  That may be going too far, but the prints above are so geeky graphic that I might gift someone with them.  The Print Chicks have quite a few graphic prints with Star Wars Themes.  Of coarse, for the truly geeky here's the ultimate baby shower gift.
Via Geekling Designs on Etsy
How far do you go to introduce your larva to your favorite childhood movies?

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