Friday, September 7, 2012

Put a Tutu On It!

No discussion of costumes would be complete without talking tutus. I loved seeing my brothers girls last summer flouncing around in a tutu and tennis shoes. It's the ultimate girly bit of dressing.   Pick any type of costume, add a tutu and you've got a fancy costume for a girl.
Clown Costume on Pintrest - links broken
I love this little clown costume.  A very pretty clown.  Below is a ghost costume made sweet with a tutu.  You get the onsie and the tutu.

Ghost Tutu Costume by AddieKatShop on Etsy $54.50

This Pin on Pintrest had broken links but the caption suggested that you could add a tutu to any "boy" or superhero costume and Voila! You've got a girly costume.  I love the idea of reusing and passing on costumes. 
Black Adult Tutu by StuidoMerla on Etsy $395.00
A tutu shouldn't be just for little girls.  The one above is for an adult.  A bit spendy, it's marketed for weddings or prom.  I would love to be a witch with this as I pass out candy.  Only worry is that I would end up looking like the fat fairy godmother in Disney's Cinderella.
 A friend's daughter was a dance student and used her recital costume each year for her Halloween costume.  A pretty costume should be reused.


  1. I guess we were ahead of the trend in 2008
    KayLea was a Princess Elephant (by adding a tu-tu made by YOU and a crown to an existing elephant costume both boys used in years past)

  2. We're reusing Annie's dance recital costume that already has a cute tutu and putting butterfly wings on it. I'm still trying to figure out how to put a tutu on Zoe's costume. Girls are the best!