Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Halloween Round Up DIY Ideas - Paper Bag Costumes

I found this fun and obviously paper fox costume on Pintrest, via Handmade Charlotte.  It's similar to the French "sack" costumes I linked to in my last post. It looks like a big paper sack.  Could DIY with butcher paper or brown wrapping paper on a roll.
The Pintrest link lead me to a fun blog, XO - In My Room where Carina blogs about kids design. She had the above costume (her nephew is in it) and did the research on where it came from. 
 Like most things on Pintrest there was a long complicated route to where this came from. 
According to the blog The Stopping Off Place, it's a Playsack, made in 1969 in England. Designed by Fredun Shapus for Trendon.  It looks like they came in packs of three.
Sunset published a book "Things to Make For Children (revised edition) 1973, 1975 had DIY versions made of wrapping paper. had several copies available starting at $1.00 if you felt you needed detailed directions. 

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  1. hahahaha, that’s really attractive Halloween Costumes, I’m excited to make it at home.