Monday, August 6, 2012

Money No Object Monday - Life Size Lincoln Logs

I haven't found anything handmade that I thought was worthy of big bucks for a while, but this idea looks like it would be fun. 

Texas Sized Lincoln Logs by PRGDesign on Etsy
Years ago BLHubby found an enormous set of Lincoln Logs at a garage sale for $10.  It filled a 50 gallon tote.  It was a great set for the kids and then the grands to play with.  Gradually, the pieces got broken and lost and not too long ago I sorted and tossed the bad ones and we now have a shoe box full of pieces.  These life sized cedar building pieces could be handled by a kid and can be changed and rebuilt with maybe a little bit of help from the adults.  Unlike Lincoln Logs, they are flat.  I guess if you made round life sized logs it would be hard for a kid to lift and set the logs. 
 Price? Pretty steep. The price is dependent on what roof style you choose. The first one above has a flat roof made of cedar boards and is $1099.   Shipping will add another $250.

This set has a gabled roof with boards and is $1199.  You can also get the set with out a board roof that you can put a tarp or other roof system on it for $999.  Not much information on the makers. They opened their Etsy shop less than a month ago. 

This could be the ultimate back yard toy.

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